Fighting at Gravesides with Grayson Sinclair

Join Catherine and Eleanor for the second episode of Gin & Gentlemen, where they discuss the allure of the older man. Find out about Catherine’s secret Emmerdale shame, discover which of Eleanor’s crushes surfed into Summer Bay and learn the art of bringing raunch to The Archers.

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Listen to our first episode here.


Michael Palin on Home and Away

Grayson Sinclair’s greatest hits

Grayson Sinclair shocks/delights the nation with his lunging kiss with a man. Top tip from Catherine and Eleanor – look out for his twitching hand.

Christopher Villiers demonstrates another hot kiss in Princess in Love.


Listen to The Archers’ epic raunchy shower scene that shocked Britain at 7pm. “Scrub down with a loofah”? Steamy!

Eleanor dons her anorak and “meets” David and Ruth Archer.


  1. I enjoyed this podcast very much. I have just hit my 50’s so I am a few years older than you ladies. My first crush I can remember was Tony Curtis. I don’t remember what movie i saw on television that he was in but it might have been ‘Around the World in 80 Days.’

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