Atta Girls! Women in the Air Transport Auxiliary

The Spitfire Girl tells the story of Sally Toussaint, a pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary during WW2, delivering planes across the country for the RAF. Ten percent of the pilots in the ATA were women, and they became known as the Atta Girls. The ATA pilots were incredibly brave, risking their lives flying unarmed planes in sometimes terrible weather conditions.

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‘Beautiful novel, loved every page… This is a book that you can’t put down.’ Goodreads reviewer,

Exciting news – our next Ellie Curzon novel is revealed!

We’re so excited to share the cover of our next WW2 saga with you – meet Laura, The Wartime Vet! You can pre-order her story now on Amazon. The Wartime Vet is published on 4th April 2024!

England, 1941. Dedicated local vet Laura cares for the farm animals of the little village of Bramble Heath. But falling bombs aren’t the only danger as the war hits close to home…

Despite everyone telling her it’s not a suitable career for a woman, Laura has worked hard to become a successful livestock vet. And she’s not afraid to serve her country in the village of Bramble Heath, where she and the land girls care for animals and protect the crops everyone relies on during the darkest days of the war. But, just when the country is most in need of food, the farms of the village come under attack…

Desperate to figure out who among the villagers could be doing such terrible things even while German bombs rain down, Laura is relieved when the Ministry respond to her requests for help. But the man they send isn’t what she expects. Commander Alastair Seaton is quiet, with a soft, kind smile. And she can’t help but be drawn to his shining brown eyes.

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