The Spitfire Girl – on special offer in the USA and Canada!

“She risks her life for her country. Will she do the same for love?”

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Beautiful novel, loved every page… This is a book that you can’t put down.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

England, 1941. ‘I’m sorry. Freddy’s plane went down.’ Her knees buckle. ‘No,’ she whispers. But the next words break through her despair. ‘There is a chance we can rescue him. And you are the only one who can.’ She didn’t wait to answer. She would do anything to get Freddy home.

Sally has always been happiest flying her stunt plane, thrilling audiences across the world, with her oldest friend and dearest love Freddy. Until the war tears everything apart.

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The Ration Book Baby – on special offer!

For a short time only, the very first Village at War novel, The Ration Book Baby is on special offer! Get this heart-wrenching, uplifting WW2 saga for just 99p on Kindle UK, or $1.49 on Kindle Australia!

My heart. It is warmed! What a heart-warming and lovely story! I loved every aspect of this and I can’t believe how quickly it disappeared… Amazing… It had romance, wartime spirit, drama and many a twist to keep you reading. Not a bad word I could say about this book!’ @stuck_in_the_book_loop, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

More lovely The Wartime Vet reviews

The Wartime Vet is out now in ebook and paperback. Audiobook coming soon!

And thanks once again to all you lovely book bloggers and reviewers out there!

I enjoyed this tale… It was great getting to know the characters, and some parts of the story were sad and emotional. – Dee Groocock ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This story gives a fascinating perspective of life in England during the Second World War from the viewpoint of a working female vet. – The Magic Armchair Traveller

I really, really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great book. – Reads and Eats (YouTube)



Wartime Wishes for the Land Girls cover reveal!

Wartime Wishes for the Land Girls

We’re thrilled to reveal the cover of the next Ellie Curzon novel, Wartime Wishes for the Land Girls! It’s out on 3rd September, but you can preorder the ebook on Amazon now!

We hope you’ll love a Christmas trip to Bramble Heath.

In the darkest days of war, can a land girl’s wish come true?

England, 1943. With Christmas days away, the land girls of Gosling Farm are full of merriment, fetching boughs of holly and cutting down trees. Only Lottie feels far from festive cheer after her sister’s death in an air raid. But with the help of handsome vicar and injured veteran Matthew, she begins to feel hopeful once more.

Then one frosty night, a German bomber plane crashes nearby. A survivor is missing, injured and in desperate need of help. With their own brave airmen risking their lives in the snowy skies overhead, the kindness of the village is tested like never before. But as Matthew preaches goodwill to his flock, his passion captures Lottie’s heart, as well as his sparkling blue eyes…

But this is no ordinary German airman: his capture would change the course of the war. Soon the eyes of Churchill and the whole country are on the little English village. And amid the chaos, Matthew’s young niece Daisy goes missing. As they desperately search the countryside, Lottie sends out a wish to the bright winter moon: keep Daisy safe.

With a blizzard raging and an enemy airman out there in the dark, can the land girls and their brave vicar rescue Daisy? And although the war feels closer than ever, will Lottie and Matthew find their own happy ever after in time for Christmas day?