Interview: Katherine E Hunt

The first installment in Katherine E Hunt’s Mended Hearts series is out on 25th August. Katherine joined us for a chat to talk about her books and how she writes.

How long have you been writing? Can you tell us a bit about your journey to publication?

Like most writers, I’ve always written. I only started writing for publication though about three years ago. It’s been a bit of a journey, but I’m finally starting to be where I want to be.

What do you enjoy about writing erotic and contemporary romance?

Love is a wonderful thing, especially new love. Butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation of a first kiss. That’s really one of the reasons why I write romance, so I can re-live that excitement over and over again.

Can you tell us – or hint at – what you’re working on at the moment?

I have four novellas coming out over the next year and a half, they are already finished and with my editor. It’s a really sweet and funny series, all about how to move on when you lose the love of your life. I’ve also just finished my first billionaire romance, so I’m very excited to share that too.

Do you have writing habits – such as always getting up early to write, or writing in the evening? Or do you write when the mood takes you? Are you a plotter or a “pantser”?

I’m a midnight pantser. I work part-time, so when I’m home during the day and I try to get a few hours in, otherwise it’s just late at night when everybody else is asleep. I never plot. I tried it and it doesn’t work for me. I have an idea of where a book is going to start and finish and then I just let the characters lead me there.

Where do you write? Have you got a little nook at home, or do you write wherever you happen to be on a laptop or on your phone?

My oldest daughter moved out recently, so her room is now my office and (since March) it’s also a schoolroom for my son. I also have a million notebooks for scribbling ideas and thoughts. The one by my bed just has the word ‘clammy’ on it because I needed another word for damp and it just came to me whilst I was falling asleep!

Tell us about your next release?

Liberating Jane, the first book in my new Mending Hearts series is now on pre-order and is published on 25th August. I can’t wait for everybody to meet Jane and all of her potential suitors. She’s certainly a character, someone who speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to experience new things.

About the author

Katherine E Hunt ran off with a Frenchman twenty years ago. She now lives on a French mountain with three children and two dogs. When she isn’t writing contemporary romance she can be found huddled up in front of a roaring fire, with a glass of Chardonnay in one hand and a book in the other.

You can find out more about Katherine on her website.

Pre-order Liberating Jane from Amazon or from the publisher, Totally Bound.




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